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These next two photographs are of the Enger Kress shoulder holster that came with the pistol above.The holster has a date of 1944 on it which makes it a nice match for the late 1943 produced Ithaca M1911A1 pistol on this page.There were 16,746 Solid frame guns built from 1890 to 1893 .There were a few 1890's manufactured with barrels marked STAINLESS after 1925.The small inset picture is a close up of the molded manufacturers marking that is found on the underside of each grip panel.These grips also have the reinforced grip screw holes.

The checkered grip panels are made of plastic and were manufactured by the Keyes Fiber Co. Browning came up with this pistol design which was formally adopted by the U. Army on March 29, 1911 and has been the standard issue side arm for the United States armed forces until 1985. When Ithaca started manufacturing the M1911A1 in December of 1942 the only other firm to be doing so at the time was Colt.

The bottom line identifies the location of the manufacturer as being in the city of Ithaca in the state of New York which is located in the United States of America.

The 1911A1 incorporates a number of safety features.

Finally, to keep the pistol from firing should the full cock break or fail to engage the sear, a half cock notch was employed.

The photograph on the left is a picture of the crossed cannons final inspection mark. His initials will also be found on rifles and shotguns made by Remington, the 1911A1's made by Remington Rand and military vehicles.

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