Blink speedating

Gladwell has explored this theory to great acclaim in several articles in The New Yorker.

Here, he shows how very minor adjustments in products and ideas can make them more likely to become hugely popular.

Ekman, Paul EMOTIONS REVEALED New York: Times Books (US).

London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson (world) Purchase this book at Ekman, Paul TELLING LIES New York: Times Books (US).

The Tipping Point contains a profoundly hopeful idea that people will embrace for its sense and simplicity: one imaginative person, applying a well-placed lever, can move the world. Second expanded edition 2004 Purchase this book at Le Doux, J.How do we make decisions-good and bad-and why are some people so much better at it than others?That's the question Gladwell asks and answers in BLINK.Download PDF Version of the Introduction (coming soon) Purchase this book at Ekman, P. (Editor) Charles Darwin's THE EXPRESSION OF THE EMOTIONS IN MAN AND ANIMALSThird Edition, with Introduction, Afterwords and Commentaries by Paul Ekman.

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