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A spokesperson for anti-racism campaign Hope not Hate, who have extensively lobbied against Defend Europe, told they were deeply concerned by the controversial commentator’s meeting.

“What Katie Hopkins did, posing next to Italian fascist graffiti, having pictures taken with Holocaust deniers and right-wing extremists, and openly sharing content from Defend Europe, was move from being a journalist or even a commentator, into a full-on propaganda/PR machine for an extremist operation,” they said.

Ms Martin added that defamation cases were being settled by media organisations - even if they have a good defence - who find themselves in a commercial situation where defending the case overwhelmingly outweighs the costs of defending their own journalism.

Eoin O'Dell of the Trinity College School of Law was on the legal advisory group for the 2009 Defamation Act.

has had enough now, with news that Ms Hopkins has returned to the UK and her first article from Sicily being mysteriously pulled from their site”.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has called for the former star to apologise for posting with Holocaust denier Mr Sweden.

"Social media and online posting sites are effectively given carte blanche while traditional legacy news publishers are punished for what people say in comments posted on their sites.

In fact, it’s quite clearly an operation manned by extremists with a history of far-right activity and stunts, and supported by many of the most extreme voices on the far right the world over,” said the spokesperson for Hope not Hate.Katie Hopkins has sparked outrage for travelling to Sicily to meet a far-right group who have launched a boat in the Mediterranean to hamper the rescue of refugees.Defend Europe, which is made up of a network of young anti-immigrant and anti-Islam activists, aims to send refugees “back to Africa” by harassing and blocking search and rescue vessels run by NGOs including Save the Children.Ms Hopkins should apologise, and think twice about giving her backing to a far-right campaign whose supporter base seems to be made up of anti-Muslim propagandists and Neo-Nazis”.Defend Europe is made up “Identitarians” – a network of people in their 20s and 30s who claim to preserve Europe’s identity and prevent "Islamification" of the continent.

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