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At USC during the Pete Carroll years, the Trojans tended toward the basics, relying heavily on Olympic lifting, squatting, and benching."That's what worked to get me stronger and to get me where I was by the time I left USC," Matthews says, "so I wanted to just keep doing that to get ready for the NFL." Capretta, accustomed to preparing veteran players for an NFL season's potential six-month grind, had something else in mind.

Remove their mini-camps and organized team activities and the only thing NFL players have left is their workouts.

Ironically, despite his obvious limitations, Wegher says Matthews was better prepared for his future than any of his USC teammates.

"Clay's parents have done a terrific job of getting him ready for his career by keeping his head on straight," he says.

"We've got veterans like Keith Bulluck and looser young guys like Taylor Mays, but Clay's the big personality here.

He grinds, he gets after it, and he calls people out and talks shit." Just as Matthews maintained his own wildly divergent ideas about where his football career was headed, he also differed with Capretta initially when it came to training.

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