Dating books for single parents

Reassure the single parent that you offer in love not because you think she’s a bad parent or her garden is a disaster because single parents can be especially sensitive.

Nothing is off limits in divorce courts, and dirty laundry is aired in public.

Simply having help talking over paperwork makes a world of difference. Children are shattered by divorce and need Church support.

They need to be taught coping skills and self-worth.

Maybe you’d love to take a toddler to the park but would be nervous driving a bunch of teenagers around.

Maybe you love gardening and would like to bring beauty to the family yard or you have extra produce from your own gardens to share.

More importantly, none of these break Church doctrine as giving the Eucharist to the divorced and remarried would.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but for many faithful Catholics the picture perfect, Hallmark version of Mother’s Day will never happen.

For many single moms, Mother’s Day is another day of housework, quibbling children, stress, and exhaustion exacerbated by misplaced hopes that this Mother’s Day will be special.

Men, teach boys and young men practical things like holding doors, calling to check on moms or siblings, and making birthday cards.

Teach them vital things like how Saint Joseph must have struggled, how to love and protect a woman’s entire being including her virtue as Christ Loves the Church, and how manly it is to stand by your family.

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