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The surviving leaders, including Prince Romanovitch of Kiev, surrendered on the understanding that no blood would be shed. The captives were tied up and laid flat, where they became the foundation for a heavy wooden platform on which the Mongol commanders feasted and chose which women to bed, while the Prince and his allies were crushed or suffocated.Aside from these battlefield conquests, Genghis Khan had six Mongolian wives, he established a large harem and he married many daughters of foreign kings who prudently submitted to his rule.Genghis and his hordes annihilated every community which resisted them, killing or enslaving men, then distributing captured women among themselves and raping them."The plundering of enemy territories could begin only when Genghis Khan or one of his generals gave permission," wrote Russian historian George Vernadsky.And as the geneticists agree, it can be explained only by Genghis Khan's policy of seizing for himself the most beautiful women captured in the course of his merciless conquests. Genghis Khan and his commanders would tear at huge lumps of nearly raw horsemeat while captive girls were paraded for their inspection. He liked them with small noses, rounded hips, long silky hair, red lips and melodious voices.He measured their beauty in carats: if he rated them below a certain number they were sent to the tents of his officers.They suggest that Genghis fathered more offspring than anyone in history.How could 16 million men, living in an area stretching from China to the Middle East, share the identical genetic footprint of one man?

The consensus was leaning toward the sport of falconry - Genghis owned 800 falcons - when their leader offered his own deeply felt view.

There was never any shortage of women, for he and his hordes used bone- crushing violence to wipe out all the men who stood in their path.

A year after he and his hordes ransacked Beijing in 1214, an ambassador to the city reported that the bones of the slaughtered formed mountains, that the soil was greasy with human fat and that some of his own entourage had died from diseases spread by the rotting bodies.

Yet that vast region precisely matches the range of Genghis Khan's dominion, through which he led his 13th century Mongol armies on the greatest orgy of pillage, rape and slaughter known to history.

It was a phenomenal achievement, accomplished in just 20 years.

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