Dating people different faiths

I understand that there can be differences in each religion but at the end of the day, they all teach good values and morals.

So yes, it will work out if you both can agree that both religions are good and that you can learn more from each other :)Looking for answers on the internet...we've all been there.

We almost always end up agreeing.’ ‘As long as a partner’s focus is on God, I’m happy,’ added another.

‘Sometimes, differences expand your horizons.’ However, this requires a genuine acceptance of who the other person is, not viewing them as someone to be ‘converted’ to your way of doing things.

A couple living together with different religions may face problems that they didn't have when they were just going out, for example diet restrictions, prayer times, even having an altar at home for Buddhists and such.

And if they decide to have children, they need to discuss which religious standards and beliefs the kid will be brought up on. in my opinion, every religion teaches their followers to do good.

A lot depends on our previous experiences of church (good and bad), and what Christian tradition feels most authentic to us.

‘My boyfriend is from a conservative Evangelical background; I’m central Church of England,’ one reader shared.And it was a seriously surreal experience discussing contraception on our third date…’ Some couples make it work.I know one pair where the wife, who came from an Evangelical church, joined her husband’s traditional Anglican church. Neither can stomach the other’s services, so they stick to their own, visiting each other’s churches for special events. Perhaps in the early stages it might work out okay.It might be a different story later on, though, if you decide to settle down together, and especially if you decide to have kids.

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The key is to first decide which issues are fundamental beliefs, and which boil down to church culture.

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