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The way people portrait themselves, the self-presentation behind the lines and pictures.

God, I want to know more about people, get into their minds through their Tinder’ profiles. Living here in Oslo for almost 4 years showed me how hard it is to get to know people, make friends, or simply sit and share a beer.

But my friends, who I saw every day, go out on weekends and always care … And after a year, I decided to rewrite the continuation of this post here.

My name is Carolina I am from Brazil and I am doing my Masters in Literature at the ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary.

Interpersonal attraction on dating apps indicates that the virtual connections will eventually be converted into real-life connections. If you are travelling around, the chances of a hookup increases, since you both know that you won’t meet ever again. I used Tinder basically to get to know locals and get tips on the city. Sometimes there are many participants; other times are just four or five.

So far I have used Tinder in: Brazil, NYC, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong, London, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Malta, (note: when I call the country, it is because I’ve used in more than one city). But we all know how easy it is to get a fuck, let’s be honest. I totally get if you tell me that Tinder it is a hookup app, or whatever. Sex it is part of it, let’s not be hypocrites here. But the idea is always the same: show that there are people who cares and are doing something for peace!

My final thesis is about Authors and Fanfiction, my interest is to know how the fanfiction writers see the book author and their own role in society.

I’m quite a shy person, and in Norway, it became an impossible mission. Regardless of obvious difficulties like linguistic and cultural differences, dating traditions vary widely from country to country.Some chats were so disgusting that I basically stopping using it in Rome after my first day in town. I matched mostly Scandinavian people, who I still kept contact. It is always lovely to discuss things I love, with people who understands it, such as planes and startups. It is not easy to have a visa and pain in the ass already beginning to prove my relationship with Tomas.Had no time to meet no one, though, but since HKG it is a mecca for technology, I got quite interested. Pictures of moments with our families, friends, travel, stamps in passports. In total there were 7 months of waiting for the visa. If i got out, i could only return when the visa was approved. I left Oslo in November for the 15th birthday of my niece (The brazillian “konfirmasjon”), important moment and i could not miss. The fact that I can leave my house at noon and come back at two in the morning safe: alone and walking with the phone in hand.Thus, people around here are so beautiful, that no one can even imagine it. Nice to meet locals, learn about their life here and… If you like sunsets with a view, Fredrikstad is the right place.One- night stands are so common in Norway (prob Scandinavia as well), that the main focus on Tinder it is sex. The harbour nearby the Old Town is a great spot to watch the sunset on evening. When my relationship with Tomas arrived at “stay or go”, I havent thought to respond with a resounding yes. As the change was coming and i cried hidden wondered how my life would be away from my family and my friends .

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