For sedating dogs

Consult your veterinarian before giving your pet Zylkene.

Shop Vetoquinol I have a chihuahua who is terrified of being locked in her crate and injures herself trying to escape.

It comes in capsule form, and you can give it whole or break it open to mix with meals or treats.

You only need to give it once daily, starting a few days before the event to bring calming relief.

I bought this as a first line of defense against anxiety, but it didn't calm her down one bit, even after I gave it to her daily for almost a month.

I've since moved in to other techniques, as these pills are too expensive to buy if they are ineffective for your particular pooch.

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Please contact the Department of the Environment and Energy on 61 2 6274 2678 or email Exotic Species for more information.

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