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In the case of Leo, this self-confidence is hardly surprising since they bear the symbol of the Lion – the king of the jungle – who’s every word is law and who rules by the sheer force of their strength.Moreover the sign is ruled by the Sun – the center of the solar system and the heavenly body which holds all other planets in its thrall.While the Leo openly believes that he knows the best and expects his partner - like everybody else - to fall in tune, the Scorpio woman has her own set of opinions and priorities which she is not willing to sacrifice for anyone.This clash of the egos might prove to be devastating if both the partners do not agree to take turns to give in and be more accommodating of the other’s viewpoints.However if this couple is looking at a long-term relationship, there are certain issues they will have to learn to deal with.And primary among them is a need for the upper hand in a relationship.This is because both signs have a healthy libido and need to have passionate sex in order to feel reassured in their love lives.While for the Leo, sex is a way of expressing their passionate natures as well as a need for dominance, for the Scorpio it is yet another way to bring about an intense connection with a partner.

Both Leo and Scorpio are alike in their pride and unwavering belief in their own capabilities.

However very soon the Scorpio man might get irked by the Leo woman’s constant demand for attention.

He is himself a discrete and reserved man and does not understand why someone who is genuinely worthy needs to make such a spectacle of herself.

If one of the partners had belonged to other signs like a detached Libra or a fastidious Virgo, the other might have had to rein in their sex drives for fear of overwhelming their partners.

But with each other the Leo and Scorpio need not worry about how much is too much.

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