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Although in terms of energy-efficient design, the building form is not optimal — either from an orientation or massing standpoint — the L shape was required to meet urban design guidelines in the Orenco Station district of Hillsboro.

Placing a Concrete Foundation on Rigid Foam Insulation Walls and Windows for the Orenco Passivhaus Multifamily Passivhaus Project Starts in Oregon Onion Flats’ Big Multifamily Passivhaus Plan A Passivhaus Take on Multifamily A Net-Zero Multifamily Project in Seattle Multifamily Construction is Good News for Green Building During schematic design, the project team chose to remove the trash room, elevator, laundry rooms, and fitness room from the conditioned Passivhaus envelope. If the spaces had been located inside of the Passivhaus zone, the large volumes of conditioned air that will be exhausted from the building would have made it difficult to attain the Passivhaus goal.

So act now— this is the only guitar ever sold that was actually played regularly in the studio and stage by R.

guitars during my lifetime— and I plan on signing no autographs in the afterworld, which I expect to see in approximately eighty years.

With this line of equipment, we can bale large quantities of hay at one time, ensuring a very consistent product.

When complete in the spring of 2015, Orchards at Orenco is slated to be the largest Passivhaus-certified building in North America.

There were also concerns about the degree of airtightness that could be achieved at these spaces given the number and size of vents that would be required at the laundry rooms and elevator shaft.

This early decision has had significant ramifications on later design decisions and is currently being studied for revision as construction is progressing.

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