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Nearly 70% of Africa’s capital cities—like Lagos, Luanda and Kinshasa—are near water, with many urban dwellers living in bungalows, wooden structures and shacks on water.But rising sea levels, increasing rainfall and climate change threaten many of these structures, leaving water slum residents vulnerable to flooding.

We eat again in the evening when my husband comes home." Here is how their money works out: Mr Nwokocha earns 2,000 naira a month (pounds 16) Rent is 500 naira a month.So there is 1,500 naira for food, transport, medicines and other necessities. I learnt later that she probably had to leave her village as twins are considered evil, unnatural, and their mothers are often cast out for witchcraft.Mrs Nwokocha says she is happier here than in her village in south-east Nigeria. "This child", said Ms Akintimehin, pointing to the baby at Mrs Nwokocha's breast, "is not well and his legs are too thin to support him.There's not much of what you'd call 'social cohesion'.They're drawn by the prospect of work and more are coming all the time." It would make more sense if I were to meet some of the residents, she suggested.

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