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In ESL II, intermediate and advanced English Language Learners will expand their speaking listening, reading, and writing skills.

They will read fiction, poetry, drama, and informational texts and use this online forum to respond to and think critically about these texts.

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The College Board has developed Curricular Requirements for each AP Course.

As one of many areas within the Division of Student Affairs, the Student Centers play a vital role in support and development of students as part of the greater campus community.

We also cater programs and services to a larger audience including campus departments, schools & colleges as well as the local and regional community.

Welcome to GNB Voc-Tech Moodle, our school's online platform for blended, hybrid and online instruction.

On the literary end, Sophomore English introduces the student to the literature of the Ancient World, Greece and Rome as well as traditions in Chinese and Japanese Literature.Literature by authors from throughout the world will be considered.Students demonstrate an understanding of these works through extended oral and written responses.Students will be introduced to cultural, economic, political, and social factors in European history from 1450 to the present.Students will connect the events that shaped the world in which they live.

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