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Likewise, Heather's story at the beginning of this article may seem like a story from the 1890's, especially for today's young people in their collegiate years.

Indeed, the fellow who wanted to go out with Heather did call our home, but after hearing Jim's explanation of courtship, he opted not to pursue the relationship. Since then, we have continued to practice courtship and, as parents with four adult children in their 20's, we have seen some very encouraging results, including their desire to be available to the Lord. Dating, by its very nature, opens the door to heartache and disappointment.

Dating waves goodbye at the door and says "Be home by midnight," whereas courtship includes time spent with the entire .

This relationship may be built through shared activities or--in cases where the two do not live near one another-through letters and telephone calls.

As we prayed about God's choice of a spouse for each of our children, we have focused on five areas of personal development that we feel are critically important-- person should demonstrate spiritual depth, a strong biblical character, financial responsibility, sexual and emotional purity, and the ability to lead a simple, practical life.

When we began our courtship experiment, we had no idea what to expect.

We've experienced challenges--like the time one of our children became seriously interested in a person who, we later realized, was not the right choice in God's eyes .

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