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I post questions to doctors, like the desperate woman that I am, asking about the eye change situation.

A lot of celebrities have done it and something is off.

In less than an hour – and without any downtime – you’ll be well on your way to tighter, better-fitting skin. I’m an actress and a comic who just turned 41 years old.

He warned that the treatment would be "uncomfortable" and, after my 600-plus spots were killed, they'd turn red, scab, and flake off. This time, the laser felt more like an annoying flick.

And once the scabs healed, I was elated: I still had some spots, but my face was brighter, clearer…dare I say, radiant? Gross wasn't surprised: "The YAG is the most underrated skin treatment out there." But he predicted, "You might be back." Blame sun damage, which screwed with my cells' DNA. Update: Cosmo Beauty Editor Jessica Maitlin responds to criticism over her essay here.

Watching your face change is scary and losing your beauty so quickly, before your very eyes is a nightmare. I call it the classic “Ultherapy face,” and I can spot it a mile away. They haven’t figured out the kinks in the technology yet.

I should have told her more often, I didn’t want her to go away. If you were to see me, you would think I look fine. I want the girl with the curl, all champagne, and giggles. It lifts for a few months and then it sags, leaving you running for MORE Ultherapy. Take a close look at Ultherapy before and after’s, and NOT the same ones Ultherapy uses over and over again. The eyes are usually smaller with the corners lifted. In other words, your forehead profile will become flat, not nice curved like Natalie Portman. I created this blog because I’ve never felt more scared and alone.

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Ever heard a guy say, "I went out with the hottest girl last night—"? So I spent my 20s and perch in the beauty biz fine-tuning my makeup routine, testing spot-fading creams, and trying to manage my flaw.

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