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Another new show was Ne daj se, Nina, made in co-operation with Croatian RTL Televizija.

The network also started flexing its muscle in sports arena obtaining the rights for Spanish football Primera División, and later in October 2007, the rights for Adriatic Basketball League.

The company reportedly hired Lehman Brothers financial-services firm to ascertain the value and strategic options of its three Eastern European stations after being approached by multiple suitors.

By early September, the activity reportedly intensified with various Serbian press outlets reporting that German RTL Group and Bermuda-based Ronald Lauder-managed CME were the most interested parties in buying the three Fox stations based in Serbia, Latvia, and Bulgaria.

Three years later, on 16 April 2013, the network's editor-in-chief Dragan Nenadović was prompted to the position of Prva's CEO.

In mid-July 2008 speculation appeared that News Corp was considering offers to sell all its Eastern European assets including Fox televizija.

Three days later on 9 September 2006 at precisely 8 pm, they played their first actual moving picture programme – a nature documentary that lasted some 45 minutes – before reverting to the Fox logo test signal.

The exact same setup (test signal most of the day with a single taped programme at 8 pm) continued over the following ten days or so.

During its initial period of official broadcasting, Fox telvizija's entertainment programming mostly relied on old and inexpensive American sitcoms, dramas, and soaps such as The Bold and the Beautiful, ALF, Hollywood Safari, El Cuerpo del Deseo, Police Academy, with One Tree Hill, Cold Case, and The Amazing Race being the only possible exceptions to the 'cheap & old' rule.

As far as locally produced content, in addition to the evening newscast Fox Danas at 7 pm and the nightly one Fox Fokus at 10 pm, Fox's news division covered the Serbian parliamentary elections on 21 January 2007 with a one-off programme Ubedi pobedi hosted by news division head Tanja Vidojević.

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