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I have been reminded of the strength and courage that is required to speak the truth when it calls into question an individual of such high standing.

But even from afar, she could tell Milhouse wasn’t only interested in her. Waylon gritted his teeth in anger and tried to leap up with the intention of going after the man but his muscles refused to cooperate and he gave a howl of agony at his sudden movements. He then took them to the dungeon but surprisingly it was Krusties house and the devil ran away again.My own personal relationship to Rinzai-ji has been rocky to say the least, and I am no longer a member of their organization.It would be easy to turn the spotlight onto my relationship with Rinzai-ji, and I fully expect that will happen.His career of misconduct has run the gamut from frequent and repeated non-consensual groping of female students during interview, to sexually coercive after hours “tea” meetings, to affairs and sexual interference in the marriages and relationships of his students.Many individuals that have confronted Sasaki and Rinzai-ji about this behaviour have been alienated and eventually excommunicated, or have resigned in frustration when nothing changed; or worst of all, have simply fallen silent and capitulated.

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  1. A very early Stormer disquisition on Kek by “Atlantic Centurion,” published in August 2015, explores the many dimensions of the Kek phenomenon in extensive theological detail, connecting their belief system to Buddhism and other religions.