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The pair traveled throughout Nebraska starting in their hometown of Lincoln, making it as far as Wyoming.Starkweather gunned down everyone in their path in his desperation to find escape before getting caught for the murder of a gas-station attendant and Caril Ann Fugate’s entire family (mother, father, and 2-year-old sibling).In all, eleven people died during their two months on the run.

Jo Ann had a job as a clerk in a women’s store, leaving the girls in the care of whoever was available to babysit.This, according to some, was a self-defense mechanism—by Gender confusion is itself a confusing term. It is certain the person to whom the label is applied (a man who feels as if he is female and therefore attracted to things women would find attractive) is that is confused by such a person: he or she does not fit the expected mold of behavior for one possessing his/her naturally endowed sex organs. The more politically correct, clinical term, gender identity disorder, is can say whether he or she is confused.Most recently, the world has watched as celebrity child Chastity Bono over the years has gone from being an “out” lesbian to a transgender person, undergoing hormone treatments and surgeries to become fully male.Teena’s demeanor had always leaned toward the tomboyish.However, as she grew older she began to more readily identify herself as being more boy than girl, at least mentally.

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