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Klaus ajuda Stefan, por causa de Caroline Durante o reencontro dos 2 vampiros, o Salvatore conta tudo o que tem acontecido em Mystic Falls, incluindo seu relacionamento com Caroline, escondendo que está fugindo de Rayna.

Quando Klaus vê a marca da caçadora, expulsa Stefan, dizendo que se ele não se for embora, ele próprio o irá matar, por ter atraído até New Orleans uma perigosa caçadora que no passado matou vários vampiros naquela cidade.

To every Friday evening eagerly waiting for a new episode.

To the characters who ensured that they remain close to our hearts. These 8 years have been special and shall always be remembered.

Thanks to all the characters and cast who made this show what it is, I would recommend this to anyone :) Watched till Season 3,not interested anymore,might watch only the parts where there is the original cast because i'm interested in their storyline.

Otherwise the series are too childish, couldn't watch it whole because it was just too cringy.

No final, Alex acaba revelando para Enzo que o pai dele foi o fundador da organização e que ela própria é da família dele.I love this show and I'm a huge Stelena fan, does no body think it's odd that he just becomes human and just leaves? I started watching it not long after the first series was released and the show has grown up alongside me.He was on his way to kill Elena yet he never feels remorse or try to do anything he just leaves. ok this is the last season and up to now it is naff and i sure hope they dont bring that whining bitch back elena hate her damon is so much better off without her but i must say i am disappointed with the show so far this season please dont tell me they are going to do what some other shows did and just go fuck it its the last season who cares what we do would be a shame to see it go out like that I saw a review about twilight. I'm extremely sad that this will be the final season but I know it's for the best.Julie Plec is considering another spin-off series of TVD. Although you'd think there'd be another time jump to allow for Caroline's (and maybe Klaus') children to be teens.8 years is a very long time, but the way the past 8 years seem to have gone is nothing short of a surprise.

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Lately the best guy in this series is Enzo in my opinion, but Bonny deserves a guy like him after everything :) is i just me or has this season got shit why do they do this to these great shows when they are ending they dont seem to bother much with the story line as much oh well must say i was glad to see the back of nina never liked her but its sad that it seems to be ending on a crap season Most of the seasons, all the way up to the 6th-ish season was AMAZING, but after Nina left, it just seemed like, to me at least, that the plots weren't as well thought out as it was before. They give you more freedom and by far my favourite book was The Vampire Diaries.

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