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Read more In a string of tweets, author Roxane Gay called out the Midwest Writers Workshop for not giving a woman a public-faciing position because of her size.

The internet troll still wants to make the bout happen, suggesting that it could perhaps take place in someone’s “backyard.” Humiliating this ridiculous man sounds like fun, but does it set a dangerous…

Read more Silvina La Poderosa jumps from the corner of the ring to land on her opponent, Reyna Torres, during an exhibition fight in Senkata, El Alto I’m standing in Murillo Plaza, in central La Paz.

It’s the center of city life, surrounded by state buildings and Bolivia’s presidential palace. The clock is a mirror image of a traditional clock, and the hands run counterclockwise. Over the years, I have managed to switch off from most of the Weight Watchers ads and gym discount flyers.

Home takes on numerous meanings, and in This Is The Place: Women Writing About Home, a book edited by Margot Kahn and Kelly Mc Masters, thirty women writers explore an array of possibilities for…

Read more A sexist internet troll recently stated that he could beat any trained female athlete in a fight, and MMA professional Tara La Rosa accepted his challenge.

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In a press release, the two brands stated, “Rise and Riot collection is for those who want to fight the system and band together against oppression.

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  1. Otto I King of Germany created the "northern March" or Nordmark as part of his policy of protecting the eastern territories of Saxony from attack by the Slavs and converting the people to Christianity.

  2. Puto goes on to tell me that it would take a great film, such as Scorsese’s , to describe the rites of this singular upper class sitting around us: its codes, its clothes, its status symbols, its homes and holidays…