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Firstly, driving a car we avoid crowds, we feel free in our cars, we can listen to music.In winter we don't get cold because there are heating and in summer thanks to air conditioning we don't feel hot.Fourteen fishermen families, two part-time fishermen and two lodger families lived there in 1539. Invasion of sand didn't stop and the Juodkrante village at the seaside was mentioned the last time in 1724.Due to life difficulties, poverty and threat of moving sand, people were leaving the place. In 15 the village that consisted of 13 farmsteads was almost buried with the sand. Rašinys buvo įvertintas 10, "The car has been the most popular method (būdas) of transport for many years but it has advantages and disadvantages.The innkeeper received privileges from the Magdeburg Rights in 1529.

Yra aprasoma apie jo pasiekejus ir apie pitagoro itaka ne tik matematikai bet ir filosofijai ir astronomijai. Dar yra aprasyta kaip Pitagorui galejo gimti mintis, kad pasaulio pagrindas yra skaicius. We can reserve our time by using technologies at home or at work, and use it to do more, to please ourselves.

What is the most important, having a chance to share our duties makes us happier.

In conclusion, science has a mission to help us and I think that this mission is being accomplished.

Now the question is: "Should schools provide computers for students to use for all their school subjects?

Kiekvienas trokštame laisvės, ją turėdami galime laisvai kurti, reikštis ir pan.

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